How to install Windows Server 2016?

How to Install Windows Server 2016?

  1. Requirements.
  2. Configuration of Hardware.
  3. Step by step How to do the Installation of windows server 2016?
  4. Thank you.

Requirements for Windows Server 2016 Installation.

  1. Windows Server 2016 Media DVD/ISO file.
  2. Physical Server or Virtual Server.

Minimum Requirement for Hardware

  1. RAM 2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience
  2. 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor or faster
  3. HDD 32 GB to 100 GB (Many updates come always so we should keep some more space also in production, you can also keep minimum HDD space for test.)

Note:-  The above is only the minimum recommended specifications from Microsoft. The minimum requirement always use for test or very small origination. To use for Small business or large corporate you need to calculate the server load, as of server role and user load.

Virtual Machines, you may try allocating the minimum cores and RAM that you can get away with to get the server up and running. You can always easily add those resources later on.

Step by step Installation of Windows server 2016.

We are going to install the Windows Server 2016 on Virtual Machine, you need Hyper-V host or VMware Esix Host.

First You need to create a VM which you own configuration or Minimum configuration as above mention.

Here you can see the what we configure and created in VM(Virtual Machine).

VM RAM 4000 MB

I add the RAM size 4000 MB, Next I will show you processor, next figure you will get the 2 Virtual socket processor.

Processor and hddYou can see the figure which is showing you the 2 processor and HDD and DVD. Now let move to connect the ISO file which you may download from Microsoft website, buy it, or already you have it.

Install of ISO windows server 2016Above image your will see, in the left side your need to select the DVD Drive and right side pane you will get the option for, None, Image file, and Physical CV DVD, I chose the option Image file and we browse the ISO file path and apply, then press ok. Here You can see we, already have a VM which configuration is 4000 MB RAM, 2vSocket processor, and default HDD 127GB. Now we need to connect the Virtual Machine and start the installation.

Start the VMYou can see now in the above figure, where connect and start link is marked with red color. You need to first click on Connect, Once your get connected with your Virtual Machine Console, you can click on start with console or Hyper-V Manager. See in next figure,

Installation of windows Server Step 1above figure, we highlighted with yellow mark, You have to select the language, Time and Currency format and keyboard or input method. we keep the default one. click on next.

Installation of windows Server Step 2next screen will display you the Install Now button, click Install Now,

Installation of windows Server Step 3Above figure, you can see now, We have 4 option, Windows Server 2016 Standard/Data Center (This mean core, No GUI). Windows Server 2016 Standard/Data Center (Desktop Experience, GUI), we will select the Window Server 2016 Standard Desktop experience. Click next,

Installation of windows Server Step 4above figure, You have to Accept the license terms, click on Next button.

Installation of windows Server Step 5Above figure select the type of installation which you need, Upgrade(You have pre existing windows server, which you want to upgraded with latest one). Custom Installation will install new fresh copy of windows server 2016. we selected Custom Install. Click the next button.

Installation of windows Server Step 6Above figure, you can see the we have 1 HDD which 127GB and unallocated, You can create multiple New Drive, format the created drive, delete the created or pre existing drive, You may load the HDD driver, extend it. Now we will not do any thing just click on next, default it will automatic format and create the c Drive. Installation of windows Server Step 7

Now you can see the above figure, Installing windows, There some of process need to do, like, Copying Windows Files, Getting files, ready for installation, Installing features, installing updates and finishing up. Once installation finish, it will automatic restart the Server. After restart the New Windows will come for customize settings you have set your Administrator password,

Installation of windows Server Step 8

Once password  provided, click on Finish Button. Now you will get the Server ready for use. lets Login to the Windows Server 2016.

Installation of windows Server Step 11Above figure you have to provide your Administrator password which you set it earlier. Once your prove your valid password.

Installation of windows Server Step 12Her you login Success full, Now you may see the windows start button, Server Manager 2016, Windows Server 2016 Desktop.


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